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Saturday Feb 9,2019


3 min jump rope (single unders or double unders)
Followed by 2min of double unders or triple unders  

Movement review

WOD: at moderate pace
15 min AMRAP
P1: bikes or rows (choose only one for the first AMRAP, both partners use the same machine) at consistent effort
P2: 5 strict pull ups-10 push-ups- 15 air squats

2 min rest

15min AMRAP
P1: bikes or rows (if you rowed in first AMRAP, now bike, if you biked, now row) at consistent effort
P2: 5 plate bent over row – 10 plate ground to overhead – 15 plate hops*
*both feet on and off the plate at the same time, think fast feet

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1st15Sindhu Sat,Feb 9,2019
Courtney Sat,Feb 9,2019
2nd13+22Kadian Sat,Feb 9,2019
1st13+7Sean K Sat,Feb 9,2019
Jorge D Sat,Feb 9,2019

Courtney15  Not Rx
Sindhu15  Not Rx
Emily M13+22  Not Rx
Kadian13+22  Not Rx
Jorge D13+7  Not Rx
Sean K13+7  Not Rx
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