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Mon, May 27 2019

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1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE on Oct 2, 2019 (108 days ago)
Body Weight,Cardio: Memorial Day - MURPHBody Weight,Cardio,Max: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE

Memorial Day - MURPH

Body Weight,Cardio: Time-Rx+
HOLIDAY HOURS: 10am class only (this is a 90 min class)


1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Divide the pullups, pushup, and air squats in any way you want.

Wear a weight vest to add an extra challenge (Rx+).

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

a-John50:21 Rx+ 20 lb vest
Jordan B59:42 Rx+ 2nd 20 lb vest
Mark A50:45 Rx 4th
Daniel P56:32 Rx 5th
Jorge D64:12 Rx 6th
Natalia M40:49  3rd JPU, knee PU
Aurea42:52  4th JPU, knee PU
Liz43:13  5th JPU, knee PU
caitlyn44:02  6th JPU, knee PU
Cristina O47:53  7th RR, knee PU
cintia49:39  9th RR, knee PU
cristiane51:15  10th JPU, knee PU
Melinda52:24  JPU, knee PU
Asena52:26  JPU, knee PU (did it tomorrow)
Andrea K53:12  JPU, knee PU
Amanda H53:23  11th JPU, knee PU
Sara O56:32  12th JPU, knee PU
Cristian P59:23  8th high JPU
Wilma59:36  14th JPU, Knee/GHD PU
Kattia62:06  15th RR, knee/GHD PU
Julianna63:12  JPU, GHD push ups
Eddie69:20  JPU, 3mile bike, 12lb vest

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