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Thu, Jul 26 2018

Gymversary Courtney-1 & Sean K-1
Joyce & Kattia
Most Recent Benchmark:
1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE on Oct 2, 2019 (12 days ago)


Body Weight,Cardio,Max: Time
warm up
track style

1 mile run

12 min AMRAP
5 strict pull ups
10 hand release push ups
15 sit ups

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Jordan B5:55 Rx 26 calories in 60 seconds
a-John6:05 Rx 4th 23 calories in 60 seconds
Liz6:25 Rx 1st 19 calories in 60 seconds
Zachary R6:46 Rx
Sean K7:04 Rx 7th
Natalia M7:22 Rx 4th 15 calories in 60 seconds
Ashley Al7:51 Rx
Chelsea G7:57 Rx
Courtney8:16 Rx 8th
Sam A8:17 Rx
Joyce8:20 Rx 9th
Jennipher8:30 Rx 10th 18 calories in 60 seconds
Kadian9:33 Rx 16th
Jason C9:59 Rx
Amanda L10:00 Rx 18th
monique10:27 Rx
Alexis G10:32 Rx
Kattia10:37 Rx
antonella11:24 Rx
Lizalena11:37 Rx 18 calories in 60 seconds
Sonia11:45 Rx
Marla11:52 Rx

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