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Mon, Aug 19

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FRAN on Jul 3, 2019 (47 days ago)


warm up
3 rounds
10 burpees
5-10 ring rows
10 air squats

kipping pull-ups

AMRAP 18min
400m run
40 wall balls
20 pull-ups

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1st3+1Dominique Today!
roxana s Today!
2nd2+44Natalia M Today!
3rd2+24Kelly G Today!
1st3+1 Jordan Today!
2nd3+1a-John Today!
3rd2+49Ian Today!

Jordan3+1 Rx
roxana s3+1  Not Rx
Dominique3+1  Not Rx
a-John3+1  MB squats & GHD sit-ups
Ian2+49  Not Rx
Natalia M2+44  Not Rx
Pranav2+43  Not Rx
Kelly G2+24  Not Rx
Cristian2+24  Not Rx
Kadian2+22  Not Rx
Julianna2+16  Not Rx
Daniel P2+5  Not Rx
Miguel S2+4  Not Rx
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