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Saturday Mar 9,2019

Happy Birthday Jen


3 min of jump rope
3 rounds of
10 air squats
10 sit-ups

Partner workout:
25 min AMRAP
10 KB goblet squats (50/35)
10 burpees
10 toes to bar

One partner works at a time, split reps at will

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1st10+17 Andrea K Sat,Mar 9,2019
Kadian Sat,Mar 9,2019
2nd15+11Aurea Sat,Mar 9,2019
Cristina O Sat,Mar 9,2019
3rd14+3Lidia Sat,Mar 9,2019
Sindhu Sat,Mar 9,2019
1st12+13 Joseph S Sat,Mar 9,2019
Jorge D Sat,Mar 9,2019

Joseph S12+13 Rx
Jorge D12+13 Rx
Andrea K10+17 Rx
Kadian10+17 Rx
Aurea15+11  Not Rx
Cristina O15+11  Not Rx
Sindhu14+3  Not Rx
Lidia14+3  Not Rx
lizbeth13  Not Rx
Charlotte13  Not Rx
danielle s13  Not Rx
Amanda H13  Not Rx
Julianna13  Not Rx
Daniel P PT
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