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Monday Mar 4,2019

Happy Birthday Courtney
Welcome Julianna & Amanda H


We’re closed for 5am and 6am classes!




3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder to Overheads

*build to heavy, rest as needed between sets

Partner Finisher
4 sets each
24 air squats
12 burpees
**one person works at a time, switch after each full round

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1st95 Andrea K Mon,Mar 4,2019
2nd85 Aurea Mon,Mar 4,2019
3rd75 Emily M Mon,Mar 4,2019
1st135 Daniel H Mon,Mar 4,2019
Jorge D Mon,Mar 4,2019
2nd125 Cristian Mon,Mar 4,2019
3rd115 Joel Mon,Mar 4,2019
Mark A Mon,Mar 4,2019

Daniel H135 Rx
Jorge D135 Rx
Cristian125 Rx
Joel115 Rx
Mark A115 Rx
Andrea K95 Rx
Michael Jon95 Rx
Daniel P95 Rx
Alex Ol87 Rx
Aurea85 Rx
Emily M75 Rx
Higor75 Rx
Julianna70.5 Rx
Amanda L70 Rx
Cristina O65 Rx
Joyce65 Rx
Sindhu55 Rx
Asena50 Rx
Natalia M50 Rx
ashly46 Rx
danielle s46 Rx
cintia45 Rx
SladeRx opp
ronald bRx Personal intro #3
Amanda HRx PVC work
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