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Saturday Feb 23,2019


group warm-up

build to workout weight

1 clean deadlift
1 hang power clean
1 front squat
1 hang squat clean

partner wod
8 rounds for time
3 hang squat cleans (185/125)
5 strict pull-ups
7 burpees

Gauntlet style. P1 starts on HSC, P2 can only begin work on that station when P2 moves to the next station...

0% 0%
1st15:38Andrea K Sat,Feb 23,2019
Jaquelyn Sat,Feb 23,2019
2nd16:10Emily M Sat,Feb 23,2019
3rd17:53Charlotte Sat,Feb 23,2019
1st16:12Daniel H Sat,Feb 23,2019
Michael Jon Sat,Feb 23,2019
2nd17:53Joseph S Sat,Feb 23,2019
3rd18:53Jorge D Sat,Feb 23,2019

Andrea K15:38  Not Rx
Jaquelyn15:38  Not Rx
Emily M16:10  Not Rx
monique16:10  Not Rx
Daniel H16:12  Not Rx
Michael Jon16:12  Not Rx
Charlotte17:53  Not Rx
Joseph S17:53  Not Rx
Kadian18:53  Not Rx
Lidia18:53  Not Rx
Jorge D18:53  Not Rx
Daniel P PT
Carole 19.1 (see yesterday)
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