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Saturday Jan 26,2019


Partner workout
Teams of 2

AMRAP 8min
8 DB power cleans (50/35)
8 DB farmer’s lunges

Rest 2:00

AMRAP 8min (start where you left off)
8 DB power cleans (50/35)
8 DB farmer’s lunges

*partner 1 completes 1 full round while partner 2 holds plank. If partner 2 breaks planks, partner 1 has to pause and wait for partner 2 to resume plank to keep going.

0% 0%
1st15+12lizbeth Sat,Jan 26,2019
Emily M Sat,Jan 26,2019
2nd14+13Andrea K Sat,Jan 26,2019
3rd12monique Sat,Jan 26,2019
1st14+13 Jordan Sat,Jan 26,2019
2nd16+1a-John Sat,Jan 26,2019
Daniel H Sat,Jan 26,2019
3rd12Jorge D Sat,Jan 26,2019
Michael Jon Sat,Jan 26,2019

Jordan14+13 Rx
a-John16+1  Not Rx
Daniel H16+1  Not Rx
lizbeth15+12  Not Rx
Emily M15+12  Not Rx
Andrea K14+13  Not Rx
Jorge D12  Not Rx
monique12  Not Rx
Michael Jon12  Not Rx
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