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Saturday Jan 12,2019

Gymversary Slade-2


2 rounds:
10 wallballs
90 sec Jump rope (singles or double unders)


For time, teams of 3
100 cal bike
100 DB snatch (50/35)
200m run each*
100 DB snatch (50/35)
100 cal bike

One athlete work at a time, reps can be split any way (except runs).
*runs occur sequentially: athlete 1 runs 200m, then athlete 2 runs 200m, then athlete 3 runs 200m
30min cap

0% 0%
1st26:21cristiane Sat,Jan 12,2019
2nd32:58Sindhu Sat,Jan 12,2019
Courtney Sat,Jan 12,2019
1st26:21 a-John Sat,Jan 12,2019
Daniel H Sat,Jan 12,2019
2nd32:58Michael Jon Sat,Jan 12,2019
3rd99:99Jordan Sat,Jan 12,2019

a-John26:21 Rx
Daniel H26:21 Rx
cristiane26:21  Not Rx
Michael Jon32:58  Not Rx
Sindhu32:58  Not Rx
Courtney32:58  Not Rx
Jordan99:99  Yesterday's WOD, 4+20 Rx
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