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Thursday Oct 11,2018

Welcome Ariel


2 rounds
25 alt leg box step-ups
10 ring rows
10 push-ups


EOMOTM - 10 rounds (20 minutes)
odd rounds: 20/16 cal row + AMRAP ring dips
even rounds: 75 double unders + AMRAP pull-ups

3 sets
30/30 Weighted Flutter kicks (plate held at lockout)
30/30 Russian Twists

*kicks should be controlled and intentional with legs straight, 6' off the ground

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1st88cristiane Thu,Oct 11,2018
2nd72Jennipher Thu,Oct 11,2018
3rd70Ariel Thu,Oct 11,2018
1st99 Rob Z Thu,Oct 11,2018
2nd41 Jean L Thu,Oct 11,2018
3rd72Jordan Thu,Oct 11,2018

Rob Z99 Rx
Jean L41 Rx
cristiane88  Not Rx
Jerry B74  Not Rx
Jordan72  Not Rx
Jennipher72  Not Rx
Ariel70  Not Rx
Eddie69  Not Rx
Kattia66  Not Rx
Sindhu65  8 rounds
Liz61  Not Rx
Andrea K59  Not Rx
Monica Q58  8 rounds
Ashley C54  8 rounds
Joyce43  8 rounds
Kadian41  8 rounds
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