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Wednesday Oct 3,2018

Happy Birthday Johnathan
Welcome caitlyn & Bruce
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2 rounds
300 meter bike
10 good mornings
10 push-ups

odd minutes: 50 second Row
even minutes: 3 burpees over bar + 5 Deadlifts

*gradually increase the pace in each round of rowing
**DL load should be significantly heavier than WOD weight for all 5 rounds

Part 1
6 sets @ max effort
30 second max calorie row
60 second rest

Part 2
6  sets @ steady effort
(unbroken, no bouncing the bar)
30 second max deadlifts (155/105)
60 second rest

Part 3
6 sets @ max effort
30 second burpees over bar
60 second rest

0% 0%
1st221 Carole Wed,Oct 3,2018
2nd138 monique Wed,Oct 3,2018
3rd240Aurea Wed,Oct 3,2018
1st251 Rob Z Wed,Oct 3,2018
2nd220 Mark A Wed,Oct 3,2018
3rd194Joel Wed,Oct 3,2018

Dan C266 Rx
Rob Z251 Rx
Robert S224 Rx
Carole221 Rx
Mark A220 Rx
Jerry B178 Rx
monique138 Rx plus 38 deadlifts at 95 (before increasing weight to 105)
Aurea240  Not Rx
Joel194  Not Rx
Sean K193  Not Rx
Cristian192  Not Rx
Natalia M189  Not Rx
cintia189  Not Rx
Andrea K188  Not Rx
Courtney181  Not Rx
Eddie173  Not Rx
Alex O167  Not Rx
Cristina O165  Not Rx
Lizalena164  Not Rx
Jolynne160  Not Rx
Monica Q159  Not Rx
Vikram154  Not Rx
Sara O154  Not Rx
Amy T147  Not Rx
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