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Thursday Sep 13,2018

Happy Birthday dan k & daniel c
Welcome Regina & TINA R


2 rounds
500m Bike
10 sit-ups
10 supermans


Every 3 minutes for 8 rounds
400m Run
10 Toes to Bar

*if you don't finish in time, reduce the run to 200m
*if you don't finish in time again, reduce the T2B by half

Group Stretch and Foam Roll

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1st8cristiane Thu,Sep 13,2018
Kattia Thu,Sep 13,2018
Joyce Thu,Sep 13,2018
Amanda L Thu,Sep 13,2018
Natalia M Thu,Sep 13,2018
2nd7Jennipher Thu,Sep 13,2018
Andrea K Thu,Sep 13,2018
Lorena Ma Thu,Sep 13,2018
1st8 Jordan Thu,Sep 13,2018
2nd8Cristian Thu,Sep 13,2018
3rd7Eddie Thu,Sep 13,2018

cristiane Not Rx
Natalia M Not Rx
Amanda L Not Rx
Joyce Not Rx
Ashley Al Not Rx
Kattia Not Rx
Cristian Not Rx
Jennipher Not Rx
Andrea K Not Rx
Jerry B Not Rx
Eddie Not Rx
Sonia Not Rx
Lorena Ma Not Rx
Slade opp
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