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Tuesday Sep 11,2018


400m Run
then 2 rounds of...
10 push-ups
10 barbell deadlifts


3x5 Bench Press (70, 75, 80% max)

with a partner for time
1000m row
100 wall balls (20/15)
1000m row
50 hang power snatches (95/65)
1000m row

22 minute cap

*one person works at a time, switch every 250m on the row, split WB and Snatches in any way

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1st23:27 Aurea Tue,Sep 11,2018
2nd22:28cristiane Tue,Sep 11,2018
3rd23:27Amanda L Tue,Sep 11,2018
Natalia M Tue,Sep 11,2018
1st17:47 Rob Z Tue,Sep 11,2018
Jean L Tue,Sep 11,2018
2nd22:28 a-John Tue,Sep 11,2018
3rd24:07Eddie Tue,Sep 11,2018

Rob Z17:47 Rx 165 lb bench press
Jean L17:47 Rx 165 lb bench press
a-John22:28 Rx 145 lb bench press
Aurea23:27 Rx 70 lb bench press
cristiane22:28  70 lb bench press
Amanda L23:27  70 lb bench press
Natalia M23:27  65 lb bench press
Eddie24:07  165 lb bench press
Andrea K24:07  75 lb bench press
Jason C24:07  95 lb bench press
Ashley C99:99  70 lb bench press; INTRO
Sonia99:99  60 lb bench press; INTRO
Joyce99:99  60 lb bench press; INTRO
Courtney99:99  70 lb bench press; INTRO
Amy T99:99  50 lb bench press; INTRO
Kim99:99  50 lb bench press; INTRO
Lorena Ma99:99  45 lb bench press; INTRO
Cristian99:99  135 lb bench press; INTRO
Joel99:99  135 lb bench press; INTRO
Slade99:99  OOP
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