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Monday Sep 3,2018


Hang Squat Clean Skill Work

Warmup Extension
8:00 to build to a moderate hang squat clean

16 minutes to complete...
100 double unders
75 wall balls (20/15)
50 pull-ups
100 double unders
in remaining time... find 1RM hang squat clean

0% 0%
1st146Carole Mon,Sep 3,2018
2nd95Liz Mon,Sep 3,2018
3rd77cristiane Mon,Sep 3,2018
1st188 a-John Mon,Sep 3,2018
2nd76Eddie Mon,Sep 3,2018

a-John188 Rx
Reyes165  Not Rx
Carole146  Not Rx
Liz95  Not Rx
cristiane77  Not Rx
Eddie76  Not Rx
Ashley Al75  Not Rx
Sonia65  Not Rx
Kattia50  Not Rx
Jean L got to second set of double unders at time cap
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