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Wednesday Jul 11,2018


150 double unders

Movement review


EMOTM for 30 minutes:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

Scaled: 4/8/12 or 3/6/9.

If you don't complete the round in time, finish the reps for that round then take the next round off.

Score is total # of completed rounds.

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a-John29 Rx with 16 pound vest
Jordan27 Rx 2nd
Vanessa M21 Rx
Aurea18 Rx 3rd
Jerry B16 Rx
Kadian16 Rx 4th plus some rounds with knees PU
Jean L15 Rx
SedyRx then 4 more rounds not Rx with RR and knees PU
Sara O30  5th 3-6-9 JPU, knee PU
Amanda L30  5th 3-6-9 JPU, barbell PU
cristiane30  5th 5-10-5/5; RR, knees PU, single leg calf raises (knee hurt)
Natalia M30  5-8-15; JP, knees PU
cintia30  5th 3-6-9; RR, GHD PU
Ashley Al30  3-6-9; JP, knees PU then Box PU
Yenesis28  3-6-9 JPU, knee PU
Lizalena28  3-6-9 RR, barbell PU
yadira28  4-8-12; RR
Reyes24  5-10-15 RR, knee PU
marie l24  4-8-12 JPU, knee PU
Zachary R24  3-6-9; JP, knees then box PU
Vikram23  5-10-15 RR, knee PU
Andrea K23  10th 4-8-12; JP, knees PU
Kim22  11th 3-6-9; RR, knees PU, last 10 minutes 5/5 calf raises instead of squats
Joyce22  11th 4-8-12; RR, knees PU
Cristina A21  3-5-6 RR, GHD PU
ornella20  3-6-9; JP, knees PU
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