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Monday Jun 11,2018

Happy Birthday Maritza
Welcome Andrea K


2 minute row
then 2 rounds of
10 ring rows
10 glute bridges  
10 walking lunges


5 rounds for time
400m run
21 KB swings (55/35)
12 Pull-ups
1 minute break

Goal is to finish every round in the same amount of time.

Finisher - optional
3 rounds
3 wall walks
or 30 sec HS hold
or 5-10 shoulder touches

0% 0%
1st21:58 Vanessa M Mon,Jun 11,2018
2nd24:31 Aurea Mon,Jun 11,2018
3rd22:43Natalia M Mon,Jun 11,2018
1st20:42 Jordan Mon,Jun 11,2018
2nd21:09 a-John Mon,Jun 11,2018
3rd20:10Eddie Mon,Jun 11,2018

Jordan20:42 Rx
a-John21:09 Rx
Vanessa M21:58 Rx
Anna T23:14 Rx
Bree24:12 Rx
Aurea24:31 Rx
Eddie20:10  Not Rx
Tatiana21:59  Not Rx
Natalia M22:43  Not Rx
Megan O22:49  Not Rx
cristiane23:17  Not Rx
Melissa Des23:41  Not Rx
Daniel H24:06  Not Rx
Kelly G24:38  Not Rx
Reyes24:40  ring rows
marie l24:45  Not Rx
Stacey24:45  Not Rx
Joseph L24:45  Not Rx
Liz24:56  Not Rx
katie k25:00  Not Rx
Andrea K25:10  Not Rx
Mary25:30  Not Rx
Jennipher26:36  Not Rx
Helen28:10  Not Rx
Tim O28:10  Not Rx
Jerry B28:39  Not Rx
Kadian28:48  Not Rx
dan k29:00  Not Rx
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