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Monday Jun 4,2018

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Double under drills


Movement review

30 minute AMRAP
600/500m bike
30 second OH plate hold (45/25)
20/15 calorie row
20 box step-ups (24/20)
30 second right side plank
30 second left side plank
1:00 plank on elbows
30 second rest (mandatory)

*if you pause on the planks, the time pauses with you

0% 0%
1st4+3 Liz Mon,Jun 4,2018
2nd4+2 Monica Q Mon,Jun 4,2018
Natalia M Mon,Jun 4,2018
3rd4+1 Vanessa M Mon,Jun 4,2018
Aurea Mon,Jun 4,2018
Kelly G Mon,Jun 4,2018
1st4+3 Daniel H Mon,Jun 4,2018
2nd4+1 a-John Mon,Jun 4,2018
Jorge D Mon,Jun 4,2018
3rd4 dan k Mon,Jun 4,2018

Ivan Mi5+4 Rx
Agatha5+3 Rx
Ainsley4+9 Rx
Liz4+3 Rx
Daniel H4+3 Rx
Anna T4+3 Rx
rocky4+3 Rx
Joseph L4+2 Rx
Natalia M4+2 Rx
jennifer p4+2 Rx
Monica Q4+2 Rx
Vanessa M4+1 Rx
Kelly G4+1 Rx
a-John4+1 Rx
Aurea4+1 Rx
Jorge D4+1 Rx
Jerry BRx
dan kRx
Kelly B3+6 Rx
tim s3+6 Rx
David B3+4 Rx
Eddie5+1  Not Rx
cristiane4+2  Not Rx
Gregory P Not Rx
Isabel Not Rx
Megan O Not Rx
lizbeth Not Rx
Mary Not Rx
Melissa Des Not Rx
Vikram3+6  Not Rx
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