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Tuesday May 29,2018

Happy Birthday tameka & Erica


2 rounds
10 Front squats
10 Push-ups


AMRAP - 16 minutes
30 power cleans (95/65)
20 burpees
25 power cleans (115/85)
25 burpees
20 power cleans (135/95)
30 burpees  
In remaining time, max power cleans (155/105)

RX+ (95/65) (135/95) (155/105) (185/135)

2-3 sets
5/5 single arm bent over row (with support)
5/5/ single arm Arnold Press
20 Hollow body flutter kicks

0% 0%
1st152 +Carole Tue,May 29,2018
2nd159Aurea Tue,May 29,2018
3rd155Natalia M Tue,May 29,2018
1st158 Jordan Tue,May 29,2018
2nd155 a-John Tue,May 29,2018
3rd148Eddie Tue,May 29,2018

Carole152 Rx+
Joseph T168 Rx
tim s158 Rx
Jordan158 Rx
a-John155 Rx
Brittany G151 Rx
Aurea159  Not Rx
Natalia M155  Not Rx
Agatha154  Not Rx
Anna T152  Not Rx
Helen150  Not Rx
Nick G150  Not Rx
Eddie148  Not Rx
Jerry B127  Not Rx
Kadian109  INTRO; partner workout
Laurie-Ann109  INTRO; partner workout
dan k108  Rx weight, but didn't get to last round
Hirav100  Rx weight, but didn't get to last round
Melissa Des99  INTRO; partner workout
Sean K99  INTRO; partner workout
Courtney93  INTRO; partner workout
Janet93  INTRO; partner workout
Lisa-Gay84  INTRO; partner workout
Monica Q84  INTRO; partner workout
Joyce65  INTRO; partner workout
ornella65  INTRO; partner workout
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