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Monday May 28,2018


Group Warmup


AMRAP - 25 minutes
Teams of 2
Partner A: Max cal row
Partner B: 5 T2B, 10 sit-ups, 15 OHS (65/45)

Partner B is the timer, switch with Partner A after the OHS, score is total calories

0% 0%
1st330 Carole Mon,May 28,2018
2nd250Liz Mon,May 28,2018
cristiane Mon,May 28,2018
1st334 Daniel H Mon,May 28,2018
2nd330 a-John Mon,May 28,2018
3rd286 Jordan Mon,May 28,2018

Jerry B334 Rx Thanks for the workout, Danny!
Daniel H334 Rx
a-John330 Rx
Carole330 Rx
Jordan286 Rx
Eddie286  Not Rx
Stacey284  Not Rx
Tim O284  Not Rx
Joseph L284  Not Rx
Liz250  Not Rx
cristiane250  Not Rx
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