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Saturday May 26,2018

Memorial Day - MURPH

Body Weight,Cardio: Time-Rx+

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Divide the pullups, pushup, and air squats in any way you want.

Wear a weight vest to add an extra challenge (Rx+).

100% 0%
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a-John40:38 Rx+ 1st 20 lb vest
Joseph T43:32 Rx+ 20 lb vest
Anna T52:03 Rx+ 10 lb vest
Rob Z53:46 Rx+ 2nd 20 lb vest
Jordan66:04 Rx+ 3rd 20 lb vest
Bree48:59 Rx
Brittany D58:04 Rx
Jake M66:45 Rx
tim s35:15  1/2 Murph; Jumping Pull-ups, with weight vest?
Stacey45:05  Jumping Pull-ups, push-ups on knees
Natalia M45:42  2nd Jumping Pull-ups, push-ups on knees
Liz46:00  3rd estimated time; banded Pull-ups, push-ups on knees
Helen49:48  Jumping Pull-ups, push-ups on knees; 1/2 mile runs
Fernando C50:30  1/2 Murph; Jumping Pull-ups
Jason C55:45  1/2 reps with full mile runs; Jumping Pull-ups
Melinda59:52  Jumping Pull-ups
Eddie63:46  8th Jumping Pull-ups; 3 mile bike rides
Kelly B67:55  Jumping Pull-ups
Tim O68:48  Jumping Pull-ups, push-ups on knees
Carlos So99:99  INTRO; 1/4 Murph; Jumping Pull-ups
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