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Thursday May 17,2018

Happy Birthday Lorena Ma


2 minutes jump rope (last 30 seconds should be double or triple under attempts)
Then 2 rounds of
10 deadlifts (barbell)
10 push-ups
10 abmat sit-ups  


EMOM - 20
Odd minutes: 10 hang power cleans (135/95)
Even minutes: 10 burpees over bar
(score is total number of rounds completed within time)

3-4 sets
Max L-sit Hold on Parallettes up to 1 minute
(if fail, remainder of minute in plank)
-rest 1 minute between efforts-

0% 0%
1st14 Kadian Thu,May 17,2018
2nd20cristiane Thu,May 17,2018
Liz Thu,May 17,2018
3rd16Courtney Thu,May 17,2018
1st20Mark A Thu,May 17,2018
a-John Thu,May 17,2018
Eddie Thu,May 17,2018
Jordan Thu,May 17,2018

Joseph T20 Rx
tim s18 Rx Not Rx
Kadian14 Rx
cristiane20  Not Rx
Liz20  Not Rx
Mark A20  Not Rx
Jason C20  Not Rx
a-John20  Not Rx
Hirav20  Not Rx
Eddie20  Not Rx
Jordan20  Not Rx
Laurie-Ann20  Not Rx
Anna T18  Not Rx
Agatha18  Not Rx
Lisa-Gay18  Not Rx
Courtney16  Not Rx
Ainsley14  Not Rx
Helen didn't count
Brittany D didn't count
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