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Friday May 11,2018


100 foot plate push
then 2 rounds
10 box jumps
10 DB strict presses
10 goblet squats

Triple AMRAP

AMRAP - 6 minutes
10 calorie bike
10 burpees

- 3:00 break -

AMRAP - 6 minutes
10 calorie row
10 push presses (95/65)

- 3:00 break -

AMRAP - 6 minutes
100 meter run
10 front rack lunges (95/65)

rest as needed before...

3-6 rounds of Cindy (rest as long as needed between rounds to do the reps unbroken, scale as needed)

0% 0%
1st229 Kadian Fri,May 11,2018
2nd185 Natalia M Fri,May 11,2018
3rd215lizbeth Fri,May 11,2018
1st266 Mark A Fri,May 11,2018
2nd252 a-John Fri,May 11,2018
3rd215 Jorge D Fri,May 11,2018

Joseph T294 Rx
Mark A266 Rx
Anna T254 Rx
a-John252 Rx
Kadian229 Rx
Reyes228 Rx
tim s225 Rx
Jorge D215 Rx
Jordan210 Rx
Kelly B205 Rx
Megan O197 Rx
Destinee187 Rx
Natalia M185 Rx
lizbeth215  Not Rx
Isabel213  Not Rx
Vikram207  Not Rx
Jennipher203  Not Rx
Yenesis192  Not Rx
Julie M165  Not Rx
Jason C160  Not Rx
Eddie159  Not Rx
Lizalena142  Not Rx
Deandra Diff WOD
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