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Wednesday May 9,2018


2 minutes jump rope
20 air squats
10 pushups
10 jumping pull-ups


AMRAP - 20 minutes
500/400m Row
400m Run

3 sets
10 DB chest press (use MB for support)
10 Plank Rotations Each Side
10 Leg lifts with hip raise

0% 0%
1st4000 Liz Wed,May 9,2018
2nd3327 Jennipher Wed,May 9,2018
3rd3200 Kelly G Wed,May 9,2018
cristiane Wed,May 9,2018
Kadian Wed,May 9,2018
1st3980 Jorge D Wed,May 9,2018
2nd3848 a-John Wed,May 9,2018
3rd2746Eddie Wed,May 9,2018

Joseph T4741 Rx
Bree4400 Rx
Liz4000 Rx
Anna T4000 Rx
Jorge D3980 Rx
a-John3848 Rx
Hirav3622 Rx
Reyes3621 Rx
Stacey3600 Rx
Christian G3600 Rx
Megan O3600 Rx
Brittany D3600 Rx
Isabel3521 Rx
Tim O3500 Rx
Jennipher3327 Rx
Kelly G3200 Rx
cristiane3200 Rx
Laurie-Ann3200 Rx
Kadian3200 Rx
Sara O3195 Rx
Lisa-Gay2900 Rx
Monica Q2800 Rx
Yenesis2627 Rx
Janet2400 Rx
Karissa2000 Rx
Lizalena2000 Rx
tim s3776  triple bike instead of run
Helen3263  triple bike instead of run
Eddie2746  triple bike instead of run
Deandra Not Rx
Jordan Not Rx
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