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Saturday May 5,2018

20180505 1388

Vet Run
2 rounds
10 deadlifts (barbell)
10 push presses

25 minute AMRAP
Teams of 3
10 DB snatches
Vet Run

Two people work at a time, third person rests.  Team must high five together before switching movements.

Bring everything from the entry space into the gym

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1st8+1Natalia M Sat,May 5,2018
Liz Sat,May 5,2018
1st8+1Eddie Sat,May 5,2018

Ivan Mi7+2 Rx
Natalia M8+1  Not Rx
Liz8+1  Not Rx
Eddie8+1  Not Rx
Laurie-Ann7+2  Not Rx
Lisa-Gay7+2  Not Rx
Tim O7+1  Not Rx
Stacey7+1  Not Rx
Ainsley7+1  Not Rx
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