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Friday May 4,2018

20180504 1387

Mile run (easy pace)


AMRAP - 20 minutes
3 rounds of Cindy
6 Deadlifts (225/155)

In teams of 3
6 minutes Farmers Carry (the weight should never be on the ground for more time than required to switch partners)

0% 0%
1st4+42Kelly G Fri,May 4,2018
2nd3+40Natalia M Fri,May 4,2018
3rd3+35lizbeth Fri,May 4,2018
1st5+1 Jordan Fri,May 4,2018
2nd4+4 Mark A Fri,May 4,2018
3rd5+7gerald c Fri,May 4,2018

Joseph T5+38 Rx
Jordan5+1 Rx Not Rx
Vanessa FRx
Anna T4+72 Rx
Bree4+9 Rx
Mark A4+4 Rx
Ivan Mi3+65 Rx
tim sRx
gerald c5+7  did not deadlift
Kelly G4+42  Not Rx
Isabel4+11  Not Rx
Megan O4+7  Not Rx
Eddie3+93  Not Rx
Jason C3+65  Not Rx
Natalia M3+40  Not Rx
lizbeth3+35  Not Rx
Kadian3+30  Not Rx
Reyes3+10  Not Rx
Yenesis3+10  Not Rx
Sean K3+4  Not Rx
Monica Q Not Rx
Janet Not Rx
Kelly B Not Rx
Deandra Diff. WOD
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