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Monday Apr 9,2018

Happy Birthday Shpresa & Sindy


Cardio,Strength: Time
2 Steady Rounds:
20 Handstand Shoulder Taps
15 Goblet Squats
Row 300m

2. Strict Press
Build to a heavy single

3. WOD
800m Run or 1000m Row or 2200m Bike
40 thrusters 65/45
800m Run
40 thrusters 65/45
800m run

After completing pieces 1-3, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

4. Interval
5 Rounds:
AMRAP 3 Minutes
Row 500/400m
Max Muscle Ups or C2B in remaining time
Rest 2:00

5. Extra
3 Sets of Max Rep Unbroken Push Jerk
Rest 3:00

0% 0%
1st18:40 Liz Mon,Apr 9,2018
2nd20:26 Aurea Mon,Apr 9,2018
3rd22:48 Kadian Mon,Apr 9,2018
1st16:22 Mark A Mon,Apr 9,2018
2nd19:30 a-John Mon,Apr 9,2018
3rd21:12 Daniel H Mon,Apr 9,2018

Mark A16:22 Rx
a-Lemar16:39 Rx
Ivan Mi17:17 Rx
Anna T18:18 Rx
Liz18:40 Rx Not Rx
Barbara L19:14 Rx
Bree19:18 Rx
a-John19:30 Rx 116 lb strict press
Aurea20:26 Rx
Jake M20:50 Rx 146 lb strict press
Daniel H21:12 Rx
marie l21:18 Rx 101 lb strict press
Agatha21:21 Rx 81 lb strict press
Megan O22:03 Rx
Stacey22:19 Rx
Kadian22:48 Rx
Taylor24:26 Rx
Jorge D24:50 Rx
Hirav25:20 Rx
Jean L25:20 Rx
tim s16:30  Not Rx
Mary16:40  Not Rx
Kelly B16:45  Not Rx
Ainsley19:15  Not Rx
Jason C19:55  Not Rx
Nayara20:45  Not Rx
Janet21:21  61 lb strict press
Natalia M22:05  Not Rx
Monica Q22:10  50 lb strict press
Lorena Mo23:00  Not Rx
Destinee23:00  Not Rx
Isabel23:11  Not Rx
Jennipher23:34  Not Rx
cristiane25:19  Not Rx
Joseph T30:00  5:57 Fran + half WOD
Tatiana30:00  Not Rx
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