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Saturday Feb 10,2018


Cardio,Strength: Rounds
“Lactic Acid”

Teams of 3:

12 shoulder to over head 95/65
9 thrusters 95/65
6 power snatches 95/65

Partners alternate full rounds.

Optional work:

Five rounds for quality:
A1- 10 strict pull ups
A2- 10 Dumbell Bench press 70/55
A3- 10 Banded pull aparts

0% 0%
1st12lizbeth Sat,Feb 10,2018
2nd9+17Kadian Sat,Feb 10,2018
3rd8cristiane Sat,Feb 10,2018
1st15+22 Jordan Sat,Feb 10,2018
2nd12+24Jorge D Sat,Feb 10,2018
3rd1a-John Sat,Feb 10,2018

Brittany D16+21 Rx
Kelly B16+21 Rx
Megatron16+21 Rx
Jimmy15+22 Rx
Ivan Mi15+22 Rx
Adam15+22 Rx
a-Lemar15+22 Rx
Jordan15+22 Rx
Asante15+22 Rx
Jake M14+16 Rx
tim s14+16 Rx
Destinee14 Rx
ornella14  Not Rx
Agatha14  Not Rx
Tim O12+24  Not Rx
Jorge D12+24  Not Rx
Isabel12  Not Rx
lizbeth12  Not Rx
Stacey12  Not Rx
Kadian9+17  Not Rx
katie k Not Rx
Alyssa G Not Rx
Rocco Not Rx
cristiane Not Rx
Nicole S Not Rx
a-John 38:18 for Rx Hansen (5 rounds: 30 KBS @70, 30 burpees, 30 GHD Sit-ups)
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