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Wednesday Feb 7,2018

Cardio: 2-7-2018 (Throwback)Other Posted Results

2-7-2018 (Throwback)

Cardio: Rounds
- Group Games

Stretch/Movement Review


Skill Work  
Hang Snatch

Teams of 2
12 Med Ball Slams (20/15)
30ft Bear Crawl
5 KB Swings (70/55)
30ft Burpee Broad Jump

Partner A completes full round, then partner B completes full round.  Score is total number of rounds completed.

One round is every time either partner completes burpee broad jumps.  

(NOTE: scores from Nov 19, 2016 count rounds as every time both partners complete every movement)

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TodayAll Time

Jorge D23+9 Rx 30 lb slam ball
a-John23+9 Rx 30 lb slam ball
Jake M23+9 Rx 30 lb slam ball
Kelly G24+12  40 lb KB
marie l24+12  40 lb KB
Kelly B24+12  Not Rx
Maria V24+12  Not Rx
Anna T13+7  Not Rx
Joseph T13+7  Not Rx
Alyssa G13  30 lb slam ball, 35 lb KB
katie k13  30 lb slam ball, 35 lb KB
Aurea12+12  Not Rx
Natalia M12+12  Not Rx
Agatha11  Not Rx
a-Lemar11  Not Rx
Ivan Mi11  Not Rx
Sedy11  Not Rx
Kadian9+12  Not Rx
Taylor U9+3  Not Rx
nichole v9+3  Not Rx
Jonathan L Not Rx
Jason C Not Rx
miguel v Not Rx
Juan D Not Rx
Marielys Not Rx
melissa m Not Rx
Megan O Not Rx
Janet Not Rx
Monica Q Not Rx
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