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Saturday Feb 3,2018

Happy Birthday caren a
Cardio,Strength: 2-3-2018Other Posted Results


Cardio,Strength: Time-Rx+
1. Warm-up
2 Steady Rounds
60s light row
15 Good Mornings
10 Dumbbell Push Press
10 lunges

                         HERO WOD “TREVOR”
In honor of SPC Trevor Win’E (pronounced Win-Nay), Sept. 24, 1981 to May 1, 2004. Killed in action as the result of injuries sustained from an IED attack while serving in Iraq.

Teams of 4  
For Time:
300 pull ups
400 push ups
500 sit ups
600 air squats

0% 0%
1st48:15Natalia M Sat,Feb 3,2018
Charlotte Sat,Feb 3,2018
1st41:26 Jordan Sat,Feb 3,2018
2nd36:54Jorge D Sat,Feb 3,2018

Anna T36:54 Rx
Joseph T36:54 Rx Not Rx
Jimmy41:00 Rx
a-Lemar41:00 Rx
Adam41:00 Rx
Jordan41:26 Rx
Asante41:26 Rx
Megatron44:25 Rx
Deandra44:25 Rx
Isabel36:15  Not Rx
Stacey36:15  Not Rx
Jorge D36:54  Not Rx
Ivan Mi41:00  Not Rx
Jason C41:26  Not Rx
Melinda44:25  Not Rx
Kelly B44:25  Not Rx
ornella48:15  Not Rx
Agatha48:15  Not Rx
Natalia M48:15  Not Rx
Charlotte48:15  Not Rx
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