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Tuesday Nov 14,2017

Cardio,Strength: 11-14-2017Other Posted Results


Cardio,Strength: Weight
Steady Through
10 Kipping RIng Dips
20 Box Step Ups
10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups or 30 wall walks

Bench Press
5x5 @80%
10 Ring Rows after every Set

Run 25 Minutes
Steady pace, as slow as it takes to be comfortable.

0% 0%
1st115 Kadian Tue,Nov 14,2017
2nd75 Raven Tue,Nov 14,2017
3rd55Aurea Tue,Nov 14,2017
1st155 Daniel H Tue,Nov 14,2017
Mark A Tue,Nov 14,2017
2nd145 a-John Tue,Nov 14,2017

tim s185 Rx
Joe Ch185 Rx
Nick G175 Rx
David M175 Rx
Ivan Mi165 Rx
Cory165 Rx
Daniel H155 Rx
Mark A155 Rx
david v155 Rx
a-John145 Rx
Kadian115 Rx
Kelly B105 Rx
Taylor85 Rx
Brittany G85 Rx
Helen85 Rx
desirea75 Rx
Raven75 Rx
Allison75 Rx
Anna T65 Rx
Jason C55 Rx
Evelyn D55 Rx
Mark KRx competition workout
MegatronRx competition workout
Aurea55  ROW w/ sit-ups and squats
Nayara45  ROW w/ sit-ups and squats
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