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Thursday Nov 2,2017

Cardio,Strength: 11-2-2017Other Posted Results


Cardio,Strength: Weight
10 Strict Ring Dips or  Box/Bench dips
20 Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlifts
20 Cal Row


3. Oly
Pause Low Hang Snatch Warm Up
(Above knee)
4×3 @ 40-60% 1RM
Touch floor and Reset
See Demo Video Link below

Hang Snatch (Below knee)
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
2 Reps @ 85%+
Heavier than last week

Shuttle Sprints x 6
For Time
0 yards to 20 yards
20 yards to 0 yards
0 yards to 40 yards
40 yards to 0 yards
Rest 1:30
Rear Parking Lot

0% 0%
1st210Raven Thu,Nov 2,2017
2nd155Natalia M Thu,Nov 2,2017
3rd45Courtney Thu,Nov 2,2017
Aurea Thu,Nov 2,2017
1st430Jordan Thu,Nov 2,2017
2nd370Daniel H Thu,Nov 2,2017
3rd45Sean K Thu,Nov 2,2017

Nick G450  Not Rx
Jordan430  Not Rx
Cory380  Not Rx
Daniel H370  Not Rx
john s360  Not Rx
Jonathan L330  Not Rx
Brittany G275  Not Rx
Nelson270  Not Rx
Taylor240  Not Rx
Raven210  Not Rx
Destinee205  Not Rx
Maria R190  Not Rx
Tatiana190  Not Rx
desirea190  Not Rx
Natalia M155  Not Rx
Isabel150  Not Rx
Jason C45  Not Rx
Caren L45  Not Rx
Chelsea R45  Not Rx
Mike K45  Not Rx
Abby45  Not Rx
Christopher G45  Not Rx
Sean K45  Not Rx
Courtney45  Not Rx
Joseph T45  Not Rx
Nayara45  Not Rx
Aurea45  Not Rx
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