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Tuesday Oct 31,2017

Happy Birthday Carole
Cardio,Strength: 10-31-2017 (Weight Lifting Day)Other Posted Results

10-31-2017 (Weight Lifting Day)

Cardio,Strength: Weight
Warm-up (1282)
2 Steady Rounds:
10 Good Mornings
Row 250m

Strict Press
1 Rep every :60 for 12 Minutes

3. OLY
Pause Low Hang Clean Warm Up
(above knee)
4×3 @ 40-60% 1RM
Jerk the final rep of each set
Touch Floor and Reset
Please See Demo Video Link

Hang Clean (below knee)
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
3 Reps @ 70%+
Jerk the last rep
NO Fails

In remaining Time Complete  
Gymnastics Accessory  
Kipping Ring Dips
Rest as needed.

Strength Accessory  
Weighted Hip Extensions
Rest as needed.

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1st200 Kadian Tue,Oct 31,2017
2nd145 Raven Tue,Oct 31,2017
Aurea Tue,Oct 31,2017
3rd140 Kelly G Tue,Oct 31,2017
1st290 Jordan Tue,Oct 31,2017
Rob Z Tue,Oct 31,2017
2nd280 Jean L Tue,Oct 31,2017
3rd250 Sean K Tue,Oct 31,2017

Francisco410 Rx
a-Lemar395 Rx
Rob Z290 Rx
Jordan290 Rx
Jean L280 Rx
Sean K250 Rx
Reyes250 Rx
john s250 Rx
Cory250 Rx
Kelly B225 Rx
Jonathan L220 Rx
Brittany D215 Rx
Nelson200 Rx
Kadian200 Rx
Tatiana190 Rx
Destinee190 Rx
marie l180 Rx
Agatha175 Rx
Taylor165 Rx
Andre B165 Rx
Aurea145 Rx
Raven145 Rx
Kelly G140 Rx
Anna T140 Rx
desirea140 Rx
Lorena Mo130 Rx
Isabel125 Rx
Mike K120 Rx
Nayara80 Rx
Vivian80 Rx
Chelsea R65 Rx
ornella50 Rx
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