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Monday Oct 30,2017


Cardio,Strength: Reps-Rx+
Warmup x3
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
35 DU

AMRAP 20 Minutes
6 Squat Snatch 95/65Scale, 115/75Rx, 135/95lbs Rx+
12 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
18/12 Calorie Row

Strength Accessory
Romanian Deadlifts
Increase weight slightly each set.
In case you are bored and want to watch a RDL demo click link

0% 0%
1st3+21 Kadian Mon,Oct 30,2017
2nd7Kelly G Mon,Oct 30,2017
Natalia M Mon,Oct 30,2017
3rd5Aurea Mon,Oct 30,2017
1st5+2Daniel H Mon,Oct 30,2017
2nd4Jean L Mon,Oct 30,2017
3rd3+20Jordan Mon,Oct 30,2017

Mark K6+6 Rx+
a-Lemar5+35 Rx+
Megatron6+23 Rx
Brittany D6+1 Rx
Melinda5+20 Rx
Bree5+13 Rx
Jake MRx
Kadian3+21 Rx
Kelly G 45 lb squat snatch
Natalia M Not Rx
Ivan Mi6+10  Not Rx
Isabel6+4  Not Rx
Joseph T6+4  115 lb power snatch
Nelson Not Rx
Helen Not Rx
Anna T Not Rx
Taylor5+3  Not Rx
Reyes5+2  65 lb squat snatch
Daniel H5+2  Not Rx
Megan O Not Rx
Nayara Not Rx
Aurea Not Rx
Jonathan L Not Rx
Maria R Not Rx
John H4+21  65 lb squat snatch
Cory4+21  Not Rx
Nick G4+1  Not Rx
Lorena Mo Not Rx
Jean L Not Rx
Jordan3+20  Not Rx
john s Not Rx
carmela Intro CLASS; 9 cals with partner in 12:00
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