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Sat,Nov 3,2018 at 10:00pm Vicki Soto 5k

Saturday Jul 28,2018


Group Warmup


teams of 3
Partner rotations for 6 rounds each
15/10 calorie bike
5 power cleans (155/105)

*goal is to go as fast as possible when it's your turn! Sub 2:00 for every athlete on every round.

100 abmat sit-ups

0% 0%
1st29:20Liz Sat,Jul 28,2018
2nd29:59Charlotte Sat,Jul 28,2018
3rd30:15Kattia Sat,Jul 28,2018
Alexis G Sat,Jul 28,2018
Sonia Sat,Jul 28,2018
1st29:20Jorge D Sat,Jul 28,2018
Eddie Sat,Jul 28,2018
2nd29:59a-John Sat,Jul 28,2018

Jorge D29:20  Not Rx
Eddie29:20  Not Rx
Liz29:20  Not Rx
Charlotte29:59  Not Rx
a-John29:59  Not Rx
Kattia30:15  5 rounds
Alexis G30:15  Not Rx
Sonia30:15  5 rounds
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