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Wednesday Jun 13,2018

Welcome andrew s & John V & cintia


3 rounds
15 KB swings
10 jumping pull-ups
5 burpees


3 sets for quality
100 foot “Filly” Carry*
5/5 Single Arm OH DB Lunge (in Filly rack)
30 second ring support (top of dip, knees tucked)

*1 DB overhead, 1 KB in Front Rack (switch arms halfway)

For time
Abmat sit-ups
Calorie row
Ring Dips

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1st12:30cintia Wed,Jun 13,2018
2nd13:20Sedy Wed,Jun 13,2018
3rd14:36Aurea Wed,Jun 13,2018
1st11:05 a-John Wed,Jun 13,2018
2nd11:29 David B Wed,Jun 13,2018
3rd14:34 dan k Wed,Jun 13,2018

a-John11:05 Rx (first time at 12:23)
David B11:29 Rx
dan k14:34 Rx
Daniel H14:38 Rx
Jonathan L12:26  Not Rx
cintia12:30  started at round of 30
Sedy13:20  Not Rx
Helen13:28  Not Rx
Aurea14:36  Not Rx
Jennipher14:39  Not Rx
Isabel14:48  Not Rx
Kadian14:54  Not Rx
Anna T15:07  Not Rx
Andrea K15:09  Not Rx
Jerry B15:19  Not Rx
cristiane15:20  Not Rx
Melissa Des15:21  started at round of 40
Jason C15:27  Not Rx
Joyce15:35  started at round of 40
Reyes15:45  Not Rx
Lizalena16:02  Not Rx
marie l16:05  Not Rx
Mary16:18  Not Rx
Barbara Mo16:35  Not Rx
Eddie18:32  started at round of 40
Vikram19:12  Not Rx
Yenesis19:59  Not Rx
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