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Tuesday Feb 13,2018

dan k & Eileen K
Welcome Eileen K

2-13-2016 (1341)

Cardio,Strength: Rounds
1. Warm-up
Self Stretch
2 Steady Rounds:
15 Light Good Mornings
Row 500m

2. Strength
1 Max Set of Bench Press
@ 65% of current 1RM
1 Max Set of Deadlifts
@ 65% of current 1RM

3. WOD
AMRAP 12 Minutes
30 Double Unders
10 Toes to Bar
10 Power Cleans 105/75lbs

1 Mile Run or 1800m Row 0r 2.4K Bike ride

0% 0%
1st5+43 Eileen K Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd4+36 Melinda Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd3+38 Sedy Tue,Feb 13,2018
1st5+35 a-John Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd5+30 Joseph T Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd5 a-Lemar Tue,Feb 13,2018

Eileen K5+43 Rx
a-John5+35 Rx
Joseph T5+30 Rx
a-LemarRx 135 lb clean
Melinda4+36 Rx
Jordan4+29 Rx
Sedy3+38 Rx
Anna T3+32 Rx
dan k3+10 Rx
gerald cRx 106 lb clean (yes, that's Rx+1 pound!)
Janet7+3  Not Rx
Isabel5+35  Not Rx
Taylor5+12  Not Rx
Monica Q5+4  Not Rx
Ivan Not Rx
Tim O Not Rx
Maria V4+45  Not Rx
Mark A4+42  Not Rx
Helen4+41  Not Rx
Nelson4+40  Not Rx
Courtney4+40  Not Rx
tim s4+39  Not Rx
Liz4+39  Not Rx
Kelly B4+30  Not Rx
lizbeth Not Rx
Maria R Not Rx
Marielys3+40  Not Rx
ornella2+30  Not Rx
Megatron different workout
Deandra unknown
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a-Lemar 12:09pm