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Thursday Feb 1,2018

Feb 1, 2018

Cardio,Strength: Time-Rx+
1. Warm-up
4 Steady Rounds:
10 Jump Squats
10/7 Calorie Bike
10 Hip Extensions

2. Strength
Find a 3RM Back Squat
Check out the video on Squat Bracing tips HERE

Extra Work  
For Time:
30/18 Calories on Bike
15/12 Muscle Ups
20/12 Calories on Bike
12/9 Muscle Ups
10/6 Calories on Bike
9/6 Muscle Ups

0% 0%
1st6:32 Deandra Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd7:44 Sedy Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd5:02Melinda Thu,Feb 1,2018
1st22:20 +Jordan Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd6:56 Jonathan L Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd8:21 Mark A Thu,Feb 1,2018

Jordan22:20 Rx+ Ring MU
Deandra6:32 Rx
Jonathan L6:56 Rx
Sedy7:44 Rx
Mark A8:21 Rx
Adam11:38 Rx
Joseph T13:37 Rx
a-Lemar15:00 Rx Ring Muscle Ups half of workout
Melinda5:02  Not Rx
Kelly B5:07  Not Rx
tim s6:06  Not Rx
Destinee6:41  Not Rx
Brittany D6:44  Not Rx
Jason C7:00  Not Rx
Anna T7:11  Not Rx
Helen7:59  Not Rx
ornella9:05  Not Rx
gerald c9:39  Not Rx
Natalia M9:53  Not Rx
Juan D30:00  intro
Marielys30:00  intro
Janet30:00  intro
Monica Q30:00  intro
Carolyn30:00  intro
Carmen D30:00  Not Rx
Asante30:00  Not Rx
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