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Saturday Jan 6,2018


Cardio,Strength: Time

“Turnt Up”

Teams of 3
100 calorie row
100 Deadlifts 135/95
80 calorie row
80 hang power cleans 135/95
60 calorie row
60 front squats 135/95
40 calorie row  
40 push jerks 135/95
20 calorie row
20 clusters 135/95

On the minute x10
7 OH squats 95/65
7 Toes to Bar

0% 0%
1st24:04 Kelly B Sat,Jan 6,2018
2nd13:24Liz Sat,Jan 6,2018
3rd29:57cristiane Sat,Jan 6,2018
1st29:11 tim s Sat,Jan 6,2018
Jorge D Sat,Jan 6,2018
2nd31:55 Joseph T Sat,Jan 6,2018
3rd33:40 Jake M Sat,Jan 6,2018
Jordan Sat,Jan 6,2018

Deandra24:04 Rx
Kelly B24:04 Rx
tim s29:11 Rx
Jimmy29:11 Rx
Jorge D29:11 Rx
Joseph T31:55 Rx
Asante31:55 Rx
Jake M33:40 Rx
Jordan33:40 Rx
Ivan Mi33:40 Rx
Sheniqua13:24  Alt WOD
Liz13:24  Alt WOD
Evelyn C13:24  Alt WOD
cristiane29:57  Not Rx
Agatha29:57  Not Rx
Raven30:59  Not Rx
desirea30:59  Not Rx
Anna T31:55  Not Rx
Tim O37:04  Not Rx
Stacey37:04  Not Rx
Isabel37:04  Not Rx
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