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Thursday Dec 7,2017


Cardio,Max: Time
Steady Through
15 Goblet Squats
3:00 Row
30 Push Press 65/45

3x8 Push Press
3x5 Split Jerk @70%

Every 3 Minutes until failure
Row 20/15 Calories
12 Thrusters 95/65lbs
3 Pull Ups
Rest remainder.
Increase Pull Up reps by 3 each interval.

Accessory complete on your own (Optional)
For Time:
100′ Sled Push
Heavy AF
Make sure weight and conditions can be replicated for re-test week.


0% 0%
1st3+32 Brittany D Thu,Dec 7,2017
2nd2+18ornella Thu,Dec 7,2017
3rd2+32Aurea Thu,Dec 7,2017
1st3+25 Nick G Thu,Dec 7,2017
2nd3+15Jason C Thu,Dec 7,2017

Nick G3+25 Rx PP:115 lbs, SJ:205 lbs
Brittany D3+32 Rx
Rob Z3+43 Rx PP:95 lbs, SJ: 205 lbs
desirea1+28  PP:55 lbs, SJ:55 lbs
ornella2+18  Intro WOD
Aurea2+32  PP: 45 lbs, SJ: 65 lbs
Jason C3+15  Intro WOD
Joe Ch3+15  Intro WOD
Nayara3+15  Intro WOD
Liz3+18  Intro WOD
Courtney3+18  Intro WOD
Anna T3+24  PP:65 lbs, SJ:65 lbs
Natalia M3+40  PP:40 lbs, SJ:45 lbs
Maria R PP:60 lbs, SJ: 60 lbs
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