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Wednesday Nov 29,2017

Max: Snatch MaxMax,Strength: Clean Max

Snatch Max

Max: Weight-Rx+
Row 500m
:30 Dead Hang from pull up bar
10 Front Squats  
10 OHS

2. OLY
“OLY Total”
Three attempts at a 1RM Snatch
Three attempts at a 1RM Clean and Jerk
*Treat this like an OLY competition. Warm up all you want beforehand in the background and in between but have a judge watch three reps and three reps only. Whatever you hit in practice is irrelevant. Your heaviest weight during the three attempts of each is your score.

AMRAP - 2 minutes

Competition WOD (optional, on your own time)
5 Rounds:
8 Deadlift  95/65Scale, 135/95Rx, 185/135lbs Rx+
25 Double Unders
8 Power Cleans  
25 Double Unders
8 Push Jerk  
25 Double Unders

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TodayAll Time

a-Lemar205 Rx 2nd oct 6, 2017
a-Lemar195 Rx
Jake M165 Rx 4th 215 C&J
tim s165 Rx 4th
Geoffrey D155 Rx 6th
Jean L140 Rx 8th
a-John130 Rx
Jorge D125 Rx 12th
jose t125 Rx 12th
Bree110 Rx 3rd
Melinda105 Rx 4th
Kelly B105 Rx
Jonathan L105 Rx 14th
Brittany D105 Rx
Destinee95 Rx 6th
Taylor90 Rx 7th
Kadian86 Rx 8th
marie l85 Rx 9th
Tatiana80 Rx
Lorena75 Rx 10th
Stacey75 Rx 10th
lizbeth70 Rx 11th
Gilda60 Rx 13th
Maria R60 Rx
Anna T60 Rx 13th
Megan O55 Rx 14th
Isabel55 Rx 14th
Joe Ch45 Rx 16th
Jason C45 Rx 16th
Courtney45 Rx 15th
belinda15 Rx 16th
Jolynne15 Rx 16th
ornella15 Rx 16th
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