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Monday Nov 27,2017

Happy Birthday Jason C

Deadlift Max

Cardio,Max: Weight
3 Steady Rounds
10 Kettlebell Taters 53/35lbs
Run 100m or 150m Row

Find a 1Rm Deadlift

C2B or Muscle Ups  
Squat Snatch 95/65 Scale, 135/95lbs Rx

Skill Work with remaining time
Muscle Ups/Kipping Pull Ups

100% 0%
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jose t380 Rx 12th
Daniel H375 Rx 13th
Jorge D375 Rx 13th
a-Lemar365 Rx
Cory346 Rx 16th 8:35
Brittany D345 Rx 3rd
Jean L340 Rx 18th
Jordan335 Rx
Geoffrey D330 Rx 20th
Jonathan L295 Rx 25th
Melinda285 Rx 6th
Destinee270 Rx 7th
Kadian245 Rx
marie l225 Rx 14th
a-John225 Rx sets of 3
Bree225 Rx
Anna T220 Rx 15th
Aurea205 Rx 5:50
Taylor205 Rx 18th
Stacey205 Rx 18th
Kelly G195 Rx 21st
Mea185 Rx
Lorena165 Rx
Megan O165 Rx 25th
Nayara150 Rx 27th 8:47
Natalia M150 Rx 27th 8:40
Isabel150 Rx
Maria R145 Rx 29th
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