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Saturday Oct 28,2017

Grace @CFE

Cardio,Strength: Time

WOD: Grace (Time)

30 Clean & Jerks 135/95 Rx all other weights scaled

On Saturday, October 28th Crossfit Expressions will be hosting our Barbells For Boobs Fundraising Event.  This is one of the biggest CrossFit community events throughout the year so we really hope that all will participate!  
The event will be roughly from 10am-1pm and participants will be doing the workout 'Grace' (30 Clean & Jerks for Time). We will run 'Grace' in heats throughout the morning and there will be food and beverages in the afternoon (3pm).  Invite family & friends and bring a dish of your choice, wear a costume, and come hangout!

The main purpose of this event is to raise money for qualified women who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. By supporting Barbells for Boobs, we’re helping low-income and uninsured women get the examinations they need in order to stay cancer free! If you and/or your friends and family members would like to donate we are attaching the link below.  

Check out CrossFit Expressions's team fundraising page for Barbells for Boobs -

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TodayAll Time

a-Lemar1:45 Rx questionable reps
Francisco1:45 Rx questionable reps
Asante2:28 Rx
Kelly B3:00 Rx 2:09 @65 lbs; 1:38 @35 lbs
Destinee3:14 Rx 1:45 @65?
tim s3:32 Rx then 1:12 @95 lb
Rob Z3:33 Rx
Ivan3:44 Rx 1:45 @95 lbs; 1:13 @65 lbs
Melinda5:38 Rx 2:20 @85 lb; 1:44 @ 55 lb; 2:04 @65 lb
Brittany D5:48 Rx
Ruth A5:55 Rx then 4:45 @65 lb
Jordan6:34 Rx
Jorge D7:06 Rx then 2:48 @95 lb
a-John8:39 Rx 2:22 @95 lb; 1:17 @65 lb
katherine2:01  65 lb
Natalia M2:32  @45?; 3:47 @65?
Taylor3:38  @65 lb; :33 @55 lbs
Helen3:48  @45 lb
Anna T3:55  @65?
Agatha4:08  @65 lb; 3:14@65 lb; 3:20 @65 lb
desirea4:16  65 lbs; 3:47 @light
Raven4:19  65 lbs; 3:47 @light
Joseph T4:21  @115?
gerald c4:30  85 lb
lizbeth4:45  @75 lb; 2:12 @65 lbs; 1:36 @55 lbs
Cory5:48  115 lb; 1:52 @65 lb
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