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Tuesday Oct 10,2017


3 Steady Rounds
10 Kettlebell Taters
:20 Handstand Hold
5 Strict Chest to Bar

Stretch/Movment Review

Back Squat
4×4 @80%

20 Minute Steady Run

Optional Finisher
4x4 Bench Press @80 percent and 20DB alt arms

0% 0%
1st137 Aurea Tue,Oct 10,2017
2nd95 Raven Tue,Oct 10,2017
3rd85 Natalia M Tue,Oct 10,2017
1st215 Reyes Tue,Oct 10,2017
2nd205 a-John Tue,Oct 10,2017
3rd185 Jordan Tue,Oct 10,2017
Daniel H Tue,Oct 10,2017

a-Lemar365 Rx run and row mix
tim s325 Rx row 4214 meters
Joseph T225 Rx row and jerks
Reyes215 Rx RUN 3200 meters
Ivan Mi215 Rx run 3200 meters
a-John205 Rx 4800 meters in 29:00
nichole v185 Rx run 3400 meters
Cory185 Rx run 3600 meters
Daniel H185 Rx run 4000 meters
Jordan185 Rx run 4200 meters
Brittany D185 Rx run 4000 meters
Jean L175 Rx run 3600 meters
Sean K155 Rx RUN 3880 meters
Kelly B155 Rx run 3200 meters
Jonathan L155 Rx run 4800 meters in 20:50
Aurea137 Rx ROW
Destinee130 Rx run 3200 meters
Tatiana115 Rx run 1600 meters in 9:55
lizbeth115 Rx 4800 meters in 29:00
Megan O105 Rx RUN 3200 meters
Anna T105 Rx row, wall balls, burpees
desirea95 Rx run 2800 meters
Raven95 Rx run 2800 meters
Lorena Mo95 Rx row 3900 meters
Natalia M85 Rx RUN 3200 meters
Nayara75 Rx ROW
Helen75 Rx run 2800 meters
Luisa v70 Rx run 2700 meters
glen65 Rx INTRO; run 800 meters
Charise T65 Rx INTRO; run 800 meters
ornella15 Rx INTRO; run 800 meters
belinda15 Rx INTRO; run 800 meters
MegatronRx competition workout
Mark KRx competition workout
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