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Monday Oct 9,2017

Happy Birthday Rob Z


Group Game  

3 Rounds
20/15 Calories on Rower
20 Dumbbell Snatch 50/35lbs
20 Pull Ups

Rx+: (70/55) snatches and 30 pullups

Strength Accessory
Dumbbell Front Rack Lateral Squats
Alternate sides each rep

Gymnastics Accessory Work
Handstand Walk
3 x 30' As fast as possible
Rest as needed handstand holds and walks for Scale

0% 0%
1st13:24jennifer p Mon,Oct 9,2017
2nd14:07Natalia M Mon,Oct 9,2017
3rd14:23Kadian Mon,Oct 9,2017
1st15:09 Jake M Mon,Oct 9,2017
2nd15:53 a-John Mon,Oct 9,2017
3rd14:32Vikram Mon,Oct 9,2017

a-Lemar13:21 Rx+
Joseph T10:24 Rx
Jimmy11:06 Rx
Bree13:53 Rx
Jake M15:09 Rx
Nick G15:42 Rx
a-John15:53 Rx
Brittany D16:30 Rx
Brittany G16:49 Rx
David M19:00 Rx
Melinda21:45 Rx Strict Pullups
Kelly B11:53  Not Rx
Stacey12:45  Not Rx
Anna T13:08  Not Rx
tim s13:15  Not Rx
jennifer p13:24  Not Rx
Taylor13:25  Not Rx
Megan O14:02  Not Rx
Jonathan L14:03  Not Rx
Natalia M14:07  Not Rx
Kadian14:23  Not Rx
Vikram14:32  Not Rx
Cory14:42  Not Rx
Carmelo14:55  Not Rx
Lorena Mo15:00  Not Rx
Helen15:18  Not Rx
Jordan15:22  Not Rx
Nelson15:33  Not Rx
Nayara15:46  Not Rx
Jorge D15:52  Not Rx
nichole v16:03  Not Rx
Daniel H16:32  Not Rx
Isabel18:07  Not Rx
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