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Wednesday Oct 4,2017

Happy Birthday Andrea K
Welcome Natalia M
Cardio,Strength: 10-4-2017Other Posted Results


Cardio,Strength: Weight
3 Steady Rounds:
15 Light Push Press
Run 200m

Strict Press
1 Rep every :90 for 12 Minutes

3. OLY
Pause Power Position Clean Warm Up
4×3 @ 40-60% 1RM
Jerk the final rep of each set
Touch the floor and Reset each rep
Please See Demo Video HERE

Hang Clean (above knee)
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
3 Reps @ 70%+
Touch the floor and Reset each rep
Jerk the last rep

0% 0%
1st85 jennifer p Wed,Oct 4,2017
2nd75 Aurea Wed,Oct 4,2017
Kadian Wed,Oct 4,2017
3rd55 Courtney Wed,Oct 4,2017
1st166 Jake M Wed,Oct 4,2017
2nd155 Reyes Wed,Oct 4,2017
3rd145 Daniel H Wed,Oct 4,2017

a-Lemar225 Rx
tim s205 Rx
Jake M166 Rx
Joseph T157 Rx
Reyes155 Rx 125 lb strict press
Daniel H145 Rx
Jorge D135 Rx 135 lb strict press
a-John135 Rx 95 lb strict press
Kelly B135 Rx
Bree126 Rx
Brittany D125 Rx
Cory125 Rx
nichole v115 Rx
Melinda115 Rx
Nelson105 Rx
Taylor95 Rx
Destinee95 Rx
jose t95 Rx
Tim O95 Rx
Vikram85 Rx 75 lb strict press
john s85 Rx
jennifer p85 Rx
Luisa v85 Rx
Mea76 Rx
Aurea75 Rx 75 lb strict press
Keri75 Rx
Kadian75 Rx
Anna T70 Rx
Megan O65 Rx
Gilda65 Rx
Lorena Mo65 Rx
Sean K65 Rx
Courtney55 Rx
Kelly G50 Rx 80 lb strict press
Maria R50 Rx
Natalia M45 Rx 45 lb strict press
Nayara35 Rx 35 lb strict press
ornella15 Rx
FranciscoRx bench and incline and dips
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