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Saturday Sep 30,2017


Cardio,Strength: Time-Rx+
Warmup x3
10 Walking Lunges with KB
8 Push-ups  
5 Good Mornings

Rounds: 6=Rx, 8=Rx+
4 Front Squats 115/75Scale, 155/95Rx, 225/155lbs Rx+
8 Bar Facing Burpees
Weight comes from ground

Remaining time after WOD work on skill
Gymnastics Accessory Skill
Strict Pull Ups
Control the decent each rep.

Strength Accessory Skill
Box Jumps
Work up to Tall Box Jump, then complete 6×3 @80%+

0% 0%
1st11:57 Jake M Sat,Sep 30,2017
2nd6:43a-John Sat,Sep 30,2017
3rd11:08Jorge D Sat,Sep 30,2017

a-Lemar12:15 Rx+
Jimmy11:53 Rx 185lb FS
Jake M11:57 Rx
Melinda13:05 Rx 115 lb FS
Brittany D13:12 Rx
Megatron15:00 Rx Competition
a-John6:43  Not Rx
Isabel8:05  Not Rx
Jorge D11:08  Not Rx
natacha v12:00  Not Rx
Taylor12:20  Not Rx
Cory12:56  Not Rx
Asante15:00  weight
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