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Saturday Sep 9,2017

Special Request Neil Cameron's Born Day

Body Weight,Cardio,Strength: Rounds
39min Time Cap
400meter run buy in
with remaining time
rounds and reps
- both partners must be done with run and both must walk inside together with run time noted. a single partner is not allowed to start early.
- cannot move on to next movement until both are done
9 burpees
9 pullups
19 thrusters
78 cal row(Split)

0% 0%
1st2+104Deandra Sat,Sep 9,2017
Brittany D Sat,Sep 9,2017
2nd2+79Destinee Sat,Sep 9,2017
3rd2+52Melinda Sat,Sep 9,2017
Isabel Sat,Sep 9,2017
1st3+35Ivan Sat,Sep 9,2017
2nd3+27Jorge D Sat,Sep 9,2017
a-Lemar Sat,Sep 9,2017
3rd3+8Jimmy Sat,Sep 9,2017
Vikram Sat,Sep 9,2017

Ivan3+35  Not Rx
Jorge D3+27  Not Rx
a-Lemar3+27  Not Rx
Jimmy3+8  Not Rx
Vikram3+8  Not Rx
Deandra2+104  Not Rx
Brittany D2+104  Not Rx
Mea2+79  Not Rx
Destinee2+79  Not Rx
Melinda2+52  Not Rx
Isabel2+52  Not Rx
Matthew S2+30  Not Rx
Brian R2+30  Not Rx
Lorena1+75  Not Rx
Shpresa1+75  Not Rx
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