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Wednesday Sep 6,2017

Kadian & Courtney & Sean K & Anna T
Welcome ornella


Cardio,Strength: Time
15 KB Box Step Ups
10 Push ups

Stretch/Movement Review

800m run
100 burpees

Strength Accessory
3 Rounds:
Max Effort Overhead Hold

Rest as needed between efforts
Score is total time of 3 holds.

0% 0%
1st12:48 jennifer p Wed,Sep 6,2017
2nd13:25 Anna T Wed,Sep 6,2017
3rd14:28 Isabel Wed,Sep 6,2017
1st9:33 a-Lemar Wed,Sep 6,2017
2nd10:37 Joseph T Wed,Sep 6,2017
3rd11:03 a-John Wed,Sep 6,2017

a-Lemar9:33 Rx
Joseph T10:37 Rx
a-John11:03 Rx
Mark A12:28 Rx
jennifer p12:48 Rx
Miguel S12:49 Rx
Anna T13:25 Rx
Ivan Mi13:36 Rx
Jordan13:37 Rx
lizbeth13:49 Rx
Jake M13:56 Rx
Jean L14:01 Rx
Isabel14:28 Rx
Carmelo14:32 Rx
Maria R14:43 Rx
Brittany G15:00 Rx
Courtney15:06 Rx
Destinee15:12 Rx
Gigi15:15 Rx
Brittany D15:18 Rx
Francisco15:29 Rx
Melinda15:49 Rx
Nick G15:53 Rx
Kelly B16:00 Rx
annie t16:30 Rx
Reyes16:57 Rx
Sean K17:03 Rx
Nelson17:18 Rx
Sedy17:31 Rx
Tatiana17:42 Rx
Taylor17:43 Rx
Kadian17:47 Rx
Agatha17:53 Rx
Jorge D17:56 Rx
jose t18:08 Rx
Gilda18:17 Rx
Helen18:22 Rx
ornella12:00  INTRO, 12 minute AMRAP of corner run and burpee on box
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