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Friday Sep 1,2017


Cardio,Strength: Time
3 Steady Rounds:
15 Push Ups
10 Strict Pull Ups
Run 200m

Stretch/movement Review

3 Rounds
Run 800m
25 Toes to Bar
10 Power Cleans 115/75Scl, 155/115Rx, 205/145 RX+

Skill Work
10 Rope climbs Leg Less  
Scale is from a laying down position to standing

0% 0%
1st24:53 Deandra Fri,Sep 1,2017
2nd28:14 Bree Fri,Sep 1,2017
3rd20:41Anna T Fri,Sep 1,2017
1st21:36 Joseph T Fri,Sep 1,2017
2nd22:00Vikram Fri,Sep 1,2017
3rd23:06a-John Fri,Sep 1,2017

Joseph T21:36 Rx
Deandra24:53 Rx
Bree28:14 Rx
Anna T20:41  Not Rx
Cory21:30  Not Rx
Vikram22:00  Not Rx
a-John23:06  Not Rx
Luisa v23:06  Not Rx
Maria R23:20  Not Rx
Brittany D24:07  Not Rx
Jorge D24:26  Not Rx
Drew25:06  Not Rx
Kelly G25:58  Not Rx
Ivan26:35  Not Rx
lizbeth27:30  Not Rx
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