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Saturday Aug 26,2017


Cardio,Strength: Reps
Warmup x3
- 10 Goblet Squats
- 10 KB Swings
- 6 Burpee over KB

Stretch/Movement Review

With a Partner
65/45 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (95/65),(115/80),(135/95)
rest 5:00
45/35 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (115/80)(135/95)(155/105)
rest 5:00
30/25 Calorie Row
AMRAP Macho Man (135/95),(155/105),(185/135)

(Scale, Rx, Rx+)

“Macho Man” – 3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks
(switch on the row as needed, during the weight lifting on partner completes entire set of 3/3/3 record total amount of macho mans)

0% 0%
1st29 Deandra Sat,Aug 26,2017
2nd27 Megatron Sat,Aug 26,2017
3rd22 Brittany D Sat,Aug 26,2017
Kelly B Sat,Aug 26,2017
Carole Sat,Aug 26,2017
Agatha Sat,Aug 26,2017
1st13 Jimmy Sat,Aug 26,2017
2nd12 a-Lemar Sat,Aug 26,2017
3rd22a-John Sat,Aug 26,2017

Deandra29 Rx
Megatron27 Rx
Brittany D22 Rx
Kelly B22 Rx
Carole22 Rx
Carmelo22 Rx
Agatha22 Rx
Jimmy13 Rx
Neil13 Rx
a-Lemar12 Rx
lizbeth27  Not Rx
a-John22  Not Rx
Maria R22  Not Rx
Kadian22  Not Rx
Helen12  Not Rx
Tim O11  Not Rx
Stacey11  Not Rx
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